Fine Digital Art Impressionism Art Gallery

Impressionism Art

I create fine digital art.. Sometimes it’s impressionism style applied with digital techniques, I call it digital impressionism. Traditionally, Impressionists express with particular types of brush stokes and an accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities. The idea is to express what it feels like to witness nature in landscape form. I’m breaking tradition, I switched to digital art about a year ago because I could no longer hold my paintbrush without pain. The button pushing required for fine digital art is much easier on my hands. I can still express what nature feels like to me with digital impressionism that is very much fine digital art.

Impressionism Art Gallery
Fine Digital Art Abstract Art

Abstract Art

Abstract art is a great love of mine and I could make it all day every day. Lately,  I do. Abstract art, when done right, can get to the heart of things. I try my best to express what I feel when creating them. I hope you like these as much as I loved making them. According to my fans, my abstract art does fall under the definition of fine digital art. I do appreciate their valued opinion and I tend to agree with them, especially in this case.

Abstract Art Gallery
Fine Digital Art Inspirational Art

Inspirational Art

I hope to make fine digital art that is inspirational. The idea of sharing with you what inspires my artwork, makes me happy. I get to think in-depth about something that really matters to me and I actually know a little something about., art inspiration or at least digital art inspiration.  The Inspirational Art Gallery contains most of the inspirational fine digital art I’ve created. I hope you love them as much as I loved making them.

Inspiration Art Gallery
Portrait Art Series

Portrait Art Series

This fine digital art series is comprised of portrait art pattern collages and portraits.

City Art Series

City Art Series

I love this brand new fine digital art collection of my favorite cities called city art or cityscapes.

Landscape Art Series

Landscape Art Series

This fine digital art series is the study of nature through impressionism landscapes.

Inspiration Art Series

Inspiration Art Series

A fine digital art expression of the relationship between artists, art and their inspiration.

About Artist Mary Clanahan

Artist Mary Clanahan

I create art! All kinds all ways but my favorite kind of art and my favorite way to create art is with computer software. I make digital art that I like to call Fine Digital Art. I know that’s not a thing yet, it will be. I specialize in impressionism, landscapes, abstract art, portrait art and music inspired art. I work with and online editor called PicMonkey and several Adobe applications. I’ve made so much fine digital art in the last three months, I feel as though I have learned enough to say it with confidence. I am a Fine Digital Artist.

I do accept commission work and have recently finished my fourth commission of the year so I am available. You can find lots of my artwork for sale at Fine Art America. Thank you for checking out my Fine Digital Art.

Abstract Digital Art Gallery
Impressionism Digital Art Gallery
Inspiration Digital Art Gallery
Portrait Digital Art Gallery

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Fine Digital Art Buy Prints CanvasBuy Fine Digital Art Prints and Canvas.. Visit the Fine Art America Store page and check out the artwork available for sale. I create fine digital art prints, canvas, metals, acrylics and greeting cards. If you do not see the artwork from this website that you like in the store, let me know and I will add it.

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