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About the Artist

About page for artist Mary Clanahan

You Are Loved

You are loved art project gallery

City Art Project

City art project article and gallery

Artist Artwork, Portraits

Artist artwork featuring fine digital portraits by artist Mary Clanahan. Featured image of band Haim called Haim Fans.

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Artist, Digital Portraits

Favim Opi, Face Art Series 2012 by Maryzen from the Maryzen Art Gallery. Digital artist turning portraits into cool digital art.

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Portrait Artist

I am a portrait artist, I use digital art software to digitally paint a portrait and use overlays to embellish. Portrait artists are a special kind, respect!

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Art Inspiration Mother Earth

Art Inspiration Series 2013, digital art inspired by Mother Earth. by Mary Clanahan see more digital art in the Mary Zen Art Gallery.

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Tegan and Sara, Music Is Art

Tegan and Sara portrait art featured in the Music Is Art Series by Mary Clanahan.

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Abstracts in an image gallery with a few good links. Abstract art by artist Mary Clanahan.

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Interior Design

Interior design color blocking stripe abstract art by Mary Clanahan

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Artist’s Artwork, Abstract Art

Artist's Artwork, Abstract Art.. Created lots of abstract art lately, this art style appeals to my need to express when I usually can not. I am loosing my eyesight slowly, some days are better than others. On those days when I can't see very well but still want to be...
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Native American Art

Native American art history and links. Images of Native American inspired art by artist Mary Clanahan. Resource and research links for Native American art and history.

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Pattern Portrait Collage Art

Pattern Portrait Collage image gallery and links to more portrait art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

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Architecture in art is a must study if you create cityscapes. Check out my art as I give a nod to architecture with a gallery of cityscapes.

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Abstract Portrait Art

Abstract portrait art in an image gallery by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

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Sunny Forest Landscape

Sunny Forest Landscape art is fine digital impressionism style art by artist Mary Clanahan.

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Landscape art of ocean beaches, forests, rolling hills, sunsets, sunrises, cityscapes and more. Landscapes by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

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Horizon Beach Ocean Landscape

Horizon Beach is ocean landscape art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. Buy art prints or view image gallery of landscape art.

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Ocean Landscape Art

Ocean landscape art by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan. Image gallery and links to landscapes of oceans and beaches.

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