Fine Digital Art

Fine Digital Art

Shop fine digital art by artist Mary Clanahan at Fine Art America. Landscape art, impressionism, portrait art, abstract art, city art and more. Art prints on canvas, posters, metal and acrylic.

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City Art

City Art

Fine Digital Art City Art Series.. There has been great feedback about my city art which I like to call cityscapes. Not sure if that is actually a thing but it sounds good to me. I created them with my favorite cities in mind. There are bits and buildings from Boston, Chicago and New Orleans as well as entire city blocks from New York City. I’ll be filling the city art gallery for a while, I can’t see getting tired of making them any time soon.

City Art Gallery
Portrait Art

Portrait Art

Portrait Art series began in early 2014. I create these as fan-art because I am truly a fan. I choose only those subjects who touch my heart in some way. I hope you dig these, I really loved making them. The series has grown with my newest love, pattern portraits.

Portrait Art Gallery
Fine Digital Art Abstract Art

Abstract Art

Abstract art is a great love of mine and I could make it all day every day. Lately,  I do. Abstract art, when done right, can get to the heart of things. I try my best to express what I feel when creating them. I hope you like these as much as I loved making them. According to my fans, my abstract art does fall under the definition of fine digital art. I do appreciate their valued opinion and I tend to agree with them, especially in this case.

Abstract Art Gallery
Fine Digital Art Inspirational Art

Inspirational Art

I hope to make fine digital art that is inspirational. The idea of sharing with you what inspires my artwork, makes me happy. I get to think in-depth about something that really matters to me and I actually know a little something about., art inspiration or at least digital art inspiration.  The Inspirational Art Gallery contains most of the inspirational fine digital art I’ve created. I hope you love them as much as I loved making them.

Inspiration Art Gallery
Layer Art

Layer Art

Layer Art.. Layer art is art that is layered with colors and shapes giving a topography look to the art. I used a free trial of Corel Paintshop Pro X6 to create the layer art, by choosing a combination of settings, I get a wonderful topography look. When applied to the appropriate layout, preferably a simple portrait or minimalist landscape, I get a fantastic layering effect with a differential of color light and shape.

Layer Art Gallery
Fine Arts

Fine Digital Art

I create art! All kinds all ways. My favorite kind of art is digital art and my favorite way to create art is with computer software. I like to call my work Fine Digital Art. I know that’s not a thing yet, it will be. I specialize in impressionism, landscapes, abstract art, portrait art and music inspired art. I work with an online editor called PicMonkey, Corel, Serif and several Adobe applications.

Fine Digital Art
Fine Digital Art Portraits

Fine Digital Art Portraits

This series is comprised of portrait art pattern collages and portraits.

Fine Digital Art City Art

Fine Digital Art City Art

I love this brand new art collection of my favorite cities called city art or cityscapes.

Fine Digital Art Landscapes

Fine Digital Art Landscape

This art series is the study of nature through impressionism landscapes.

Layer Art Series

Fine Digital Art Layer Art

A fine digital art series of layering, 3D art. Animals, cityscapes, and landscapes.


Flower Art

Art of flowers in the Flower Art Gallery

Animal Art

Art of animals in the Animal Art Gallery

Hamilton Ohio Art

Cityscape art of Hamilton Ohio

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Buy Fine Digital Art Prints and Canvas.. Visit the Fine Art America Store page and check out the artwork available for sale. I create fine digital art prints, canvas, metals, acrylics and greeting cards.

My art print collections carry Cityscapes, Landscapes, abstract art, portrait art, layer art and lots of conceptual art. Easy to navigate, expert materials and great prices make FAA an great choice.

If you do not see the artwork from this website that you like in the store, let me know and I will add it. Visit Fine Art America for the Hamilton Ohio city art prints or click here.

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Digital Art Tutorials

Learn how to make your own digital art with my digital art tutorials.  Get the basics about computer software, photo editors and printing options.

I use PicMonkey online photo editor to make my overlay artwork. I find it the easiest to use and I know the layout really well. PicMonkey is a great beginners tool.

Digital Art Tutorials
Fine Digital Art Abstract Gallery
Fine Digital Art Impressionism Gallery
Inspiration Digital Art Gallery
Fine Digital Art Portrait Gallery
Spirograph Artwork Gallery

Fine Digital Artwork

The fine digital artwork shown here is called Spirograph layer art, it’s digital art inspired by the old spirograph discs and colored pens. After making my spirograph shapes, I gave them a 3D art layer effect and voila, spirograph art. I think these are beautiful and will be making more.

Spirograph Art Gallery

Best Digital Art Software

The best digital art software? Well from what I’ve used thus far, the best digital art software is..

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Best Digital Art Software
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