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Adding a portfolio of my art projects including the Best Artist’s List, Digital Art Tutorials and the Art In Parks Project. Check out the links below or look at some art.

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Art In Parks Project

Art in Parks is art inspired by Florida State Parks. I will be making art before, during and after my visit to Florida State Parks this summer. It sounds like fun because it is! I started the Art in Parks series with a day trip to Lover’s Key State Park. Located in Estero Bay area. We got there through the backwaters on a pontoon boat. It’s a lovely trip, we saw lots of nature and wonderful birds. The beaches near Lover’s Key are all pretty great, even the dog beach. We swam with dolphins and boated with dolphins. I even took some photos and videos of our dolphin friends. The art I made of Lover’s Key State Park is layer art of the beach and gulf waters shown above, it’s called Lover’s Layers. I hope you like it!

Art In Parks Project

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