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You Art Loved Art Series

Creating a You Are Loved art series is an obvious move for me, I am known for sending that particular message out to the world. I will try to encompass what I mean when I say you are loved with my art. I find the words moving and powerful when applied to artistic direction. I am pleased with the first of this series and will post more as they become themselves.

Looking for inspiration? Visit the Art Inspiration Gallery, you never know what you’ll find. I plug-in and appreciate my inspirations in massive ways. My artwork will show who inspires me, if you really look.

Art Inspiration Gallery

Animal Art Adoption

Animal Art Adoption! New fine digital art about adopting a shelter pet. Save an animal, they’ll save you back.

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This art is a part of the You Are Loved art project by artist Mary Clanahan. Paris, You Are Loved is art dedicated to the city of light. YOU ARE LOVED PARIS!

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Believer’s Garden

Believer’s Garden is inspirational art by Mary Clanahan. You Are Loved series images and art links.

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