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Spirograph layer art is digital art inspired by the old spirographs then given an art layer effect. i make these with PicMonkey and Corel PaintShop Pro. Below is an image gallery of my¬†spirograph layer art collection so far. I’ll make more of these as soon as I perfect the layer process. The best are available as art prints, shop them in FIne Art America. To see more of my work, check out the Abstract Art Gallery.

Visit the Maud Vantours best artist list page to see wonderful layer art created with paper.

Abstract Portrait Art

Abstract portrait art in an image gallery by fine digital artist Mary Clanahan

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New Print Abstract Garden Palm

New abstract garden print called Palm Tree by Mary Clanahan. Art prints of garden inspired artwork with a rainbow of flower colors, greens and natural browns.

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Abstract Engine

Abstract art called Engine Therm Rust created by Mary Clanahan. Artwork with art gallery links.

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Paysage Abstrait

Paysage Abstrait or Abstract Landscape, whatever you call them, they are awesome and fun to make.

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Color can be an important part of art, it can inspire an artist to create great works. Color art gallery, information links and an art blog full of color.

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Clock Mecha is abstract artwork by artist Mary Clanahan. Image and description with art links.

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Abstract Art Images

Abstract art images in a gallery with short article. Thank you for seeing my art!

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Diamond Division Abstract

New abstract art called Diamond Division, created for the new abstract series. See more abstract art and learn about the artist.

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Abstract Cubic Tile Color Shine

New abstract art called Cubic Tile Color Shine. I really love the Cubic Tile digital art series created with Corel PaintShop Pro x7.

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New Abstract Portfolio

New abstract art portfolio by digital artist Mary Clanahan.

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